News Daily Spot: The story of the victims in Orlando: "I just heard bullet after bullet"

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The story of the victims in Orlando: "I just heard bullet after bullet"

Following the unfortunate attack happened in the nightclub Press in Orlando, several victims who were injured unveiled to the media and police sources what happened on that Saturday night.

In this sense, the survivors who were partying in a "gay" club scene described the "horror" after hiding under the corpses.

"The terrorist entered the nightclub Orlando wielding a gun and AR-15 assault rifle, shortly after 2:00 a.m. killing at least 49 people and wounding 53 more before being killed by police around 5:35 a. m. "says one of the victims who was in the place.

Mateen, who legally purchased two firearms in recent weeks, exchanged gunfire with a police officer outside the club in the early morning hours, before arriving inside the club.

The realization that shots had been fired took a while to register, as witnesses said was masked.

Rick, one of those affected, said that during the shooting, threw himself to the ground. He crawled into the DJ booth and managed to escape through a restricted employee area that faces the back of the club.

Also, according to the British Daily Mail platform, a woman said she hid in the bathroom and covered corpses to evade the terrorist Mateen.

On the other hand, Stanley Almodovar, who worked as a pharmacy technician, at 23 years old. Close friends have filled your social network Facebook condolences: "I will never forget and I know we're always watching from heaven."

Moreover, oshua McGill, also a victim of that time, was standing near a door leading to an outdoor patio enjoying the evening, when suddenly he heard three initial shots, according WKRG: "Just listen a bullet then another bullet (...) bullet after bullet and caused much fear (...) and my main thought was to hide ". McGill immediately saw the rest fled. "I ran to the door, jumped over the fence and hid behind a car," he said.

Another revealing testimony was that of Eddie Justice, who at the time of slaughter, was trapped in the bathroom. The petrified man, sent text messages to his mother, saying he "loved". Eddie got in touch with his mother Mina last in a series of messages that warned he would "die".

Currently, the authorities found that there were 49 dead after the terrorist Omar Mateen, opened fire at the nightclub.

With information from Daily Mail

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