News Daily Spot: The website BuzzFeed rejects Trump advertising

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The website BuzzFeed rejects Trump advertising

The Information site BuzzFeed ended Monday at an advertising contract with the Republican Party to avoid having to issue warnings of Donald Trump, whom he identified as "injurious to health".

"We hate to turn away business," said CEO Jonah Peretti, "but in some cases, we make exceptions: we do not disseminate advertising for cigarettes because they are harmful to health and does not accept advertising for Trump for the same reasons."

"The campaign (the Republican candidate for president Donald) Trump is in direct opposition to the freedoms of our employees in the United States and the world," Peretti said in an internal e-mail, mentioned in an article Buzzfeed.

"In some cases, as with its ban on Muslim travel, it would be impossible for our employees to do their job," he added.

According to the political site, the contract amount would be 1.3 million.

Questioned by AFP, BuzzFeed not confirm the figure.

"This decision (...) will not influence our coverage of the campaign," said the CEO of the site.

In a statement to AFP spokesman Sean Spicer Republican he said that the party never intended to spread advertising websites BuzzFeed.

"The irony is that they do not refuse money from a candidate who is currently the subject of an FBI investigation," he said in reference to Hillary Clinton who is investigated by placing emails classified in their personal service e-mail, when it was Secretary of State.

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