News Daily Spot: 80% of Filipino children at risk of abuse on Internet

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80% of Filipino children at risk of abuse on Internet

Eight out of ten children in the Philippines, considered one of the world's largest producers of child pornography, is in danger of becoming a victim of sexual or intimidation Internet abuses, says a study released today by UNICEF.

The document, entitled "Perils and possibilities: Growing up in Internet" reveals that half of Filipino children believe their friends participate in risky activities while surfing.

The country, says the UN agency is seeing more and more cases of sexual abuse are broadcast live over the Internet in which pedophiles from other countries connected with "operators" in the Philippines.

These "operators" which in some cases are the parents of minors, receive money from pedophiles to be carried out sexual abuse, he adds.

"We need to raise awareness of this problem so that parents and others understand that child abuse-of any kind-are not only morally wrong, it is extremely harmful to health and child development," he said in the statement UNICEF representative in the Philippines, Lotta Sylwander.

According to the organization, victims have more likely to have mental health problems, do not go to school, attempt suicide or develop risky behavior.

Poverty is one of the key factors leading to the growth of this type of abuse, where children usually receive for each act about 150 pesos (about $ 3).

"Unfortunately, right now the situation is getting worse, not better," adds Sylwander.

In 2015, the Office of the Philippines Cybercrime received more than 12,300 messages of National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, based in the US.

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