News Daily Spot: Germany hosts the 2016 RoboCup

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Germany hosts the 2016 RoboCup

RoboCup 2016 begins Thursday in Leipzig (eastern Germany), a peculiar competition that will be cited until July 4 robots around the world to play football and complete various tests of skill, he announced today the trade fair Leipzig, which hosts the event.

With nearly 3,500 participants from 45 countries, the RoboCup returns to Germany ten years after passing Singapore (2010), Istanbul (2011), Mexico City (2012), Eindhoven (Netherlands, 2013), Joao Pessoa (Brazil, 2014) and Hefei (China, 2015).

According to the organizers of the event, born in 1997 in Nagoya (Japan) - the goal of RoboCup is to promote the creation of intelligent robots for use in household chores, industry and rescue operations, for raising various competitions .

In addition, one of the goals of the RoboCup is to develop robots able to play a football match against future world champion in 2050.

"It always amazes me the scientific quality and the rapid growth of RoboCup" says its director in this year, Gerhard Kraetzschmar. "The competitive nature encourages our participants to continue to innovate, the results are of great relevance to society, science and the economy."

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