News Daily Spot: South Korea remains vigilant against possible attack North

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South Korea remains vigilant against possible attack North

Defense Minister of South Korea, Han Min-koo, urged the country's armed forces to increase their combat readiness a day after North Korea will conduct two test launches of medium-range missiles.

The minister urged to be prepared to "respond firmly to any provocation from North Korea" at the start of a meeting of 150 senior defense officials in Seoul.

The meeting was convened to address the twin test Wednesday North Korea's missile and seek possible response measures.

The South Korean minister said before the meeting that "North Korea will eventually completely isolated and mired in self-destruction if it continues to make provocations like this."

In addition, he described the missile launches as "a clear violation of UN resolutions" against North Korea and said that "in case of further provocations will be stronger sanctions South Korea and the international community."

Later the military officials will meet with South Korean president, Park Geun-hye, to address the defense posture of the Armed Forces.

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