News Daily Spot: Sanders and Clinton will meet Tuesday in primaries

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Sanders and Clinton will meet Tuesday in primaries

Aspiring the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, will meet Tuesday in half a dozen US states during the final stretch of the primary elections, while the virtual Republican nominee Donald Trump and savors success.

The primary stage virtually come to an end next Tuesday, when elections take place California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Democratic elections on June 14 in the District of Columbia will put the finishing touch to the hectic period primaries, but the events of Tuesday's crucial presidential election as 303 delegates are divided into Republican and 806 side, among Democrats.

Sanders options to be the Democratic candidate are almost zero, considering that the former Secretary of State is just 60 delegates to cross the 2,383 needed to officially become his party's nominee for the November presidential election.

However, both Sanders and Clinton have increased their efforts in California, known as the "Golden State" and that on Tuesday distributed proportionally 546 delegates responsible for designating officially the Democratic nominee at the convention to be held in July in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania).

The primary period, which began in February in Iowa and New Hampshire, is particularly long for Democrats compared to 2008, when the now President Barack Obama secured the nomination on June 3, beating Hillary Clinton.

On the Republican side Trump secured his nomination on May 26, about the same date that Mitt Rommney won the May 29, 2012 the Republican nomination.

Trump relishes a safe nomination but faces the challenge of uniting his party to regain the White House and retain the majority in Congress, where important legislators as Arizona Sen. John McCain fear losing his seat by xenophobic proposals magnate .

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