News Daily Spot: Frenchman who planned terror attacks during Euro 2016 arrested in Ukraine

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Frenchman who planned terror attacks during Euro 2016 arrested in Ukraine

A Frenchman who prepared 15 attacks for the European Football Championship was arrested on May 21 in Ukraine, in Kiev announced Monday the head of the Ukrainian security service (SBU), Vasil Grytsak.

"The SBU managed to avoid fifteen terrorist acts, which were planned in France on the eve and during the European Championship," said Grytsak, adding that was five assault rifles Kalashnikov, more than 5,000 bullets, two anti-tank rocket launchers, 125 kg of TNT and 100 detonators.

The suspect, who was to violate mosques, synagogues, tax offices and highways, expressed opposition to "government policy regarding the massive influx of foreigners to France, the spread of Islam and globalization", said Grytsak.

The secret services arrested him after a six-month investigation, Grytsak said. His arrest was to be made public after the European Championship, but leaks in the press forced disseminate information.

The detainee is a native of the region of Lorraine, in eastern Gallic country, is 21 and has no police record, said in Paris a French police source.

The threat continues

Faced with threats of terrorist attacks, the French parliament passed in late May the third extension of the state of emergency -decretado initially after the attacks of 13 November- until late July, to cover the European Football Championships and the Tour de France.

French President Francois Hollande said on Sunday that, "unfortunately, the threat of an attack at Euro exists."

"This threat will be present for a long time," he added the French president, who said that "we must take all guarantees for Euro 2016 a success."

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