News Daily Spot: A man dies in confrontation "Himalayan Viagra"

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A man dies in confrontation "Himalayan Viagra"

One man was killed and three others wounded in a mountainous region of Nepal during a confrontation because of a fungus of great value known as "Himalayan Viagra" for its alleged aphrodisiac virtues.

"One person died and three were injured when a group of about 10 looters shot indiscriminately," said Keshab Raj Sharma, chief of the western district of Mugu. "The peasants said the band stayed with his harvest," he added.

Local authorities explained that on Wednesday sent a police team to the scene of the clash but did not arrive until Friday.

No medical team could reach the place. A medical helicopter had to turn back because of bad weather.

The yarchagumba, qui means "summer plant, winter insect" in Tibetan, is growing at more than 3,500 meters high. It is implanted in a caterpillar that is killing slowly and develops from the insect's body.

It is not the first time that clashes occur because of Cordyceps sinensis. In 2009, nine people were killed in a skirmish on the rights of harvest.

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