News Daily Spot: Behead a young pregnant woman to marry without family permission in Pakistan

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Behead a young pregnant woman to marry without family permission in Pakistan

A young woman eight months pregnant was beheaded by her family for marrying for love in Pakistan, in the last case of "crimes of honor" killings by family members with a moral affront, not only increase despite recent pronouncements Islamic leaders condemning.

Father, mother, brother and sister cut his throat to Muqaddas Bibi, 22, in the family home in eastern Pakistan after trick her was there, the spokesman for the local police station told Efe Ali Raza.

She had been married three years with a man of her choice, who had a daughter of 10 months and had since broken ties with his family, who did not accept the marriage.

But the mother and brother saw in a clinic where he had gone in her pregnancy and assured him that he had been forgiven, so she could return to reunite with his family.

According to Raza, a man has been arrested for the murder, but the family has absconded and is in search and seizure.

The so-called "honor crimes" are very common in South Asia and often involve relatives come what they consider an affront that contravenes the moral traditionalist conservative.

The list of these crimes has been growing in recent days after a mother burned alive his daughter to marry on their own, a brother killed his sister for the same reason and a young woman was tortured and burned by rejecting a marriage.

With the increase of cases the Council of Islamic Ideology of Pakistan (CII), government agency which advises the Government on matters of religion, said the "crimes of honor" the anti-Islamic Tuesdays.

One day before the influential Sunni Ittehad Council issued a fatwa calling it "anti-Islamic" and "unpardonable sin" these crimes.

The NGO Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) said that so far this year 229 women have died victims of honor crimes, 71 of them by choosing husband without the permission of the family and 129 for "illicit relations".

In 2015 nearly a thousand cases occurred, according to the HRCP, which warns that these figures mask an even greater reality that is outside of records by the lack of complaints.

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif promised legislative measures against "crimes of honor" after seeing the documentary of this subject with which the filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy won this year his second Oscar, "A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness ".

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