News Daily Spot: Volkswagen maintains irregularities and reveals new problems in gas emissions

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Volkswagen maintains irregularities and reveals new problems in gas emissions

Volkswagen, shaken by the scandal of cheating on tests of emissions from their cars, revealed that an internal investigation found new problems: "unexplained inconsistencies" in carbon dioxide emissions by 800,000 vehicles.


The company said Tuesday it was studying the possible "economic risks in approximately 2,000 million euros" due to the new problem. He did not identify the affected vehicles but said the flaw did not compromise the safety of motor vehicles in any way.

In a statement, VW said it used to focus "to clarify the new course of action as quickly as possible and ensure the correct classification of CO2 for the vehicles concerned" at the responsible authorities.

Earlier, the price of Volkswagen shares fell after US regulators said the equipment manufacturer's models which supposed a program that allows distort the results of emission testing.

VW's ordinary shares fell 3% to $ 109.30 at midday Tuesday in Europe.

A cheating scandal emissions deepened on Monday when the Environmental Protection Agency said VW installed these programs on thousands of cars Audi, Porsche and VW with six-cylinder diesel engines that allowed them to emit less pollutants during emissions testing on the street. VW denied it, but faces the prospect of more fines and lost sales.

Previous revelations of deception involving four-cylinder diesel engines in smaller cars. VW apologized for those models and hired a law firm to investigate.

The new charges are the first to involve the prestigious Porsche, which had been headed by Matthias Mueller before it happened to be the CEO of the entire company. Mueller succeeded Martin Winterkorn, who resigned due to the scandal.

Volkswagen has spread 6,700 million euros (7,400 million dollars) to cover the costs of removing the cars for repairs. Analysts estimate that losses for the company, even a potential sales decline could be several times higher.

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