News Daily Spot: At least 23 killed by an alleged Russian bombardment in Syria

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At least 23 killed by an alleged Russian bombardment in Syria

At least twenty people were killed today, including three children and a woman from the same family in a bombing planes were believed to be controlled by Russians against the jihadists in the Syrian town center.


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the devices were aimed at the population of Al Qariatain, southeast of the central province of Homs and dominated by the terrorist group Islamic State (EI).

According to the NGO, there are unconfirmed reports that an unknown number of members of the extremist organization have been killed by the bombing.

The EI snatched last August 6 to government forces control of Al Qariatain, located next to the road connecting the eastern part of Homs to the east of the Al Qalamún, on the outskirts of Damascus.

Radical moved last May in the east of Homs, where they took several towns, such as monumental Palmira, whose ruins are included in the World Heritage list of UNESCO.

Since late September, aviation Russia, an ally of the regime in Damascus, carried out a bombing campaign on Syrian soil against EI and other organizations, in their first direct military intervention since the conflict began in Iraq in 2011.

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