News Daily Spot: EU says bans diplomatic presence in Venezuela judgments opponents

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EU says bans diplomatic presence in Venezuela judgments opponents

Venezuela does not allow since last February trial monitoring members of the opposition from the diplomats, even though these are public, said the High Representative of the European Union (EU), Federica Mogherini.

"Unfortunately, the Venezuelan security personnel has become impossible since February the trial monitoring by EU diplomats, although those are public first," Mogherini said in response to a parliamentary question tabled by several liberal MEPs.

Parliamentarians, including the Spanish Maite PagazaurtundĂșa and Beatriz Becerra (UPyD), asked whether the EU intends to take concrete measures to address the "critical situation" in the country referring to arbitrary arrests and "inconsiderate" treatment of prisoners politicians.

In this regard, the maximum responsible for European diplomacy said that the EU delegation and diplomats from the Member States continued the trials of opposition members jailed, maintained contacts and held meetings with all parties, but could not attend trials.

"In practice he said the EU supports the work of civil society in the field of democracy and human rights under the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights".

Mogherini added that the EU "encourages long the Venezuelan Government, the opposition leaders, students and civil society in Venezuela to collaborate, engage in peaceful dialogue, reject violence and overcome the polarization of the country."

"A constructive dialogue is the best way to solve differences," he said.

Mogherini said both the EU and as the Organization of American States (OAS) have expressed their willingness to support the upcoming electoral process in the country, "but have not received an invitation from the government or the electoral commission of Venezuela" .

"A prerequisite for the presence of EU observers in parliamentary elections is an invitation from the third country concerned," he said.

This week, a delegation of three MEPs will visit Venezuela to meet with representatives of the Government of Nicolas Maduro and the opposition, and to assess the political situation in the country.

The European Parliament (EP) said the mission is "exploratory" and serve to "assess the political situation" and "prepare the shipment" of a full parliamentary delegation.

This parliamentary mission has planned meetings with government supporters and the opposition, in order to "support democracy" in the country, which holds legislative elections next December 6.

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