News Daily Spot: Seven babies found dead in a house in Germany

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Seven babies found dead in a house in Germany

German police have found the remains of seven babies in a house in Wallenfels, a small town of 2,800 inhabitants in northern Bavaria, sources of research.

The discovery was made on Thursday afternoon, after attending a medical emergency team to a house in the village, but so far had not specified the number of bodies.

Investigation of the case is in the hands of prosecutors and police Coburg, who said that bodies are "in bad shape" and asked to wait for completion of forensic work to determine if there may be more bodies.

According to preliminary data provided by the police, the medical team went to the home after receiving a call that warned of the existence of the bodies.

It is the home of a woman of 45 years, which is looking for questioning as a possible mother of the babies.

It is scheduled to begin today autopsy the bodies, although researchers believe that until the beginning of next week will not be possible to determine the cause of the deaths they occurred when even the sex of the babies.

Wallenfels case follows similar crimes happened in Germany, as the discovery of the bodies of five children, in 2013, in a house in the "Land" of Schleswig-Holstein (North).

The most serious was the case of the nine babies were found buried in different pots of a house in the state of Brandenburg (East) in 2005.

Multiple crime was committed by the same woman, who was sentenced to fifteen years in prison for killing nine of his thirteen children between 1992 and 1998.

The woman had hidden successive pregnancies and then the creatures killed after birth. EFE

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