News Daily Spot: They sterilized thousands of men on the occasion of World Day of Vasectomy

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They sterilized thousands of men on the occasion of World Day of Vasectomy

Thousands of men around the world will be sterilized on Friday, on the occasion of the World Day of Vasectomy, which aims to encourage them to get involved in this dramatically in family planning.

About 750 doctors from 25 countries applied this technique sterilizing more than 3,000 volunteers.

"In assuming their responsibilities in family planning, men become heroes to their partners, their families and our future," said co-founder of the event, Jonathan Stack.

The event takes place after a report by militants of the cause, warning that the poorest countries are not on target to provide the desired number of women of modern contraceptive means.

In a ceremony at a temple in Gianyar, on the Indonesian island of Bali and place of the World Day of vasectomy in 2015, the first six volunteers were presented to an audience. Then they were taken out at a mobile clinic to sterilize.

In a converted bus in clinics, doctors proceeded to surgery, which involves cutting the tubes that carry sperm from the testes under local anesthesia.

Militants of this method of sterilization, men and women appear with their photo on the website of the organizers, as a couple who figure with a banner that reads: "support the World Day of Vasectomy 2015 because control Birth is a shared responsibility of men and women. "

In addition to Indonesia, it is expected to practice Friday vasectomies in other countries such as Spain, India and the United States.

According to organizers, about one in ten pregnancies worldwide is unplanned, and often pregnant women are left to fend for managing an unwanted pregnancy.

In many countries, less than 1% of men choose vasectomy, a practice that according to the organizers say is safe and that in most cases does not affect the sexual life of the operated.

In Indonesia, the campaign to encourage men to undergo this operation ran into the country's top Islamic council, which saw years ago that the operation is contrary to Islamic law.

Elsewhere in the world, vasectomy is still subject to controversy, and in some countries, its advocates must fight the belief that the intervention threatens the virility.

Meanwhile, experts have warned that sub-Saharan Africa a resource too long to involve a restricted vasectomy condom use, thereby increasing the number of AIDS cases.

Vasectomy is in widespread change in the United States, the country of the first World Day in 2013.

The specialist Doug Stein, who made this statement more than 30,000 men and is the co-founder of the World Day of Vasectomy with Stack, estimates that it is "an excellent choice for men who have had all the children they wanted" . AFP

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