News Daily Spot: Austria built a fence along 3.7 km of its border with Slovenia

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Austria built a fence along 3.7 km of its border with Slovenia

The Austrian government announced Friday that it will install a fence 3.7 km long border with Slovenia to strengthen control of the passage of migrants. AFP

"It will be a simple fence to clearly mark the border (...)" and not a "close," he told a press conference the social democratic minister (SPÖ) Josef Ostermayer.

Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner, said the EU was informed of this measure, unprecedented between two countries in the Schengen area of ​​free movement.

This device of 2.2 meters high will be set to Schengen, said Mikl-Leitner, member of the conservative party ÖVP.

Construction will begin in two weeks. The border between Austria and Slovenia is more than 300 km.

In the event that the control measures are insufficient, Austria plans to install at its border with Slovenia other device and barbed wire fences of 25 km, the ministers announced at a press conference.

A few days ago, Slovenia began to erect a barbed wire fence on its border with Croatia, through which the migrants and refugees heading north to Europe.

This control of thousands of migrants and refugees who travel daily between the two countries will be strengthened with increased police patrols in Slovenia and fences to channel migrants to the border post.

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