News Daily Spot: Salah Abdel Sam bought detonators in France before the attacks in Paris

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Salah Abdel Sam bought detonators in France before the attacks in Paris

Abdeslam Salah, one of the terrorists wanted for his involvement in the attacks of last 13 in Paris, bought a dozen detonators to make explosive belts in a fireworks company about 35 kilometers from the French capital, just over a month before attacks.


On its website, the newspaper "Le Parisien" was revealed today that the manager of the company, located in the town of Saint Ouen l'Aumone, who warned the police that Abdeslam Salah had been there, after I recognize the tab order for his arrest issued against him.

According to the manager, the young Frenchman of Moroccan origin and resident in Belgium, went to his business in late September or early October and presented his driver's license as identification.

Before making the purchase, he asked whether the detonators were really "effective" and "reliable".

That was in France Abdeslam weeks before he committed the attacks as no surprise to researchers who have recorded several trips from the Brussels district of Molenbeek, where he lived.

For example, two days before the attacks a camera of a gas station in the town of Ressons sur Matz, north of Paris, recorded the passage of one of the cars used in the attacks, a Renault Clio in which then traveled Abdeslam Salah and another currently fleeing suspects, Mohamed Abrini.

Researchers speculate with the hypothesis that Salah had planned Abdeslam be blown up with a belt of explosives that triggered the seven suicide jihadists of the three commands that acted on 13 bombings in Paris, with 130 dead and over 350 wounded.

In fact, one such device found south of Paris, in a zone where the terrorist spent the night of the attacks before they were to pick two known drive that led him to Brussels where his trail was lost .

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