News Daily Spot: Putin declared economic sanctions against Turkey

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Putin declared economic sanctions against Turkey

Russian President Vladimir Putin, today issued a series of economic sanctions against Turkey, in order to ensure national security and defend Russian citizens of "criminal actions," the Kremlin.


Among other measures, the presidential decree suspended or restricted, according to a list drawn up by the Government, the entry into Russia of certain goods from Turkey.

The sanctions are in retaliation for the bombing on Tuesday a Russian Su-24 bomber on the Turkish-Syrian border attack that the Kremlin has described as "sucker punch" and "unprecedented challenge".

The presidential decree also establishes prohibitions or restrictions on Turkish companies to perform certain work and provide services in the territory of Russia, according to a list that will prepare the Cabinet of Ministers.

In addition, Putin banned Russian employers are not authorized by the government to hire Turkish citizens from next January 1.

The presidential decree states that the Russian tour operators will refrain from selling products and services that include visits to Turkey.

To that end, Putin ordered the government to take measures to ban charter flights between Russia and Turkey, until recently the second favorite tourist destination after Egypt Russians.

By the same decree, it is suspended from January 1, 2016 the agreement for exemption of visas for Turkish citizens.

Finally, the head of the Kremlin ordered the Government to take measures to enhance port security in the Black and Azov seas and step up control over the Turkish automotive companies cargo.

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