News Daily Spot: Hollande ago called the British parliament to approve bombing in Syria

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Hollande ago called the British parliament to approve bombing in Syria

French President Francois Hollande on Friday launched an appeal to MPs to approve joining the bombings in Syria against Islamic jihadist group State (EI). EFE

"I can not do anything but call the British parliamentarians to approve this intervention, in solidarity with France, but above all being aware in the fight against terrorism," he told AFP in the framework of a summit of the Commonwealth in Malta.

Hollande evoked "a willingness to fight terrorism" and welcomed the commitment of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, to support their country if the Bundestag approves this initiative.

"I hope that these two countries will in this sense, considering the ties of friendship and the challenge of the fight against terrorism," he said.

This issue "goes beyond us, because although we have hit in France, it is the whole of Europe that he was beaten and are all countries that want to preserve the freedoms that have been attacked," he said.

Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron on Thursday asked parliament that will add to the bombing of the Islamic state in Syria.

London and carried out bombings in Iraq against the jihadi group, but parliament objected in 2013 to attack Syria, at a time when the government of Bashar al-Assad was accused of carrying out attacks with chemical weapons.

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