News Daily Spot: Felipe Gonzalez Maduro suggests that government could suspend elections 6D

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Felipe Gonzalez Maduro suggests that government could suspend elections 6D

The former Spanish prime minister Felipe Gonzalez suggested today that the Government of Venezuela may suspend the legislative elections scheduled for Dec. 6 if insecurity of candidates increases after the assassination of an opposition leader.


Gonzalez told reporters said the government of Nicolas Maduro "must investigate and ensure peace and security, unless you are climbing to suspend the 6th".

Luis Manuel Diaz, of the opposition Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD), died shot to death last Wednesday while attending a rally with Lilian Tintori, the wife of opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, imprisoned since last February.

Gonzalez said today that the Government of Maduro is "responsible for the safety of citizens and especially the candidates and the families of political prisoners."

Therefore, stressed that if they killed a candidate of the opposition "two meters Lilian Tintori" the government can not respond Caracas has done as President of Parliament, Diosdado Cabello, who has assured that all about an "assembly" of the opponents of the regime.

Gonzalez visited Venezuela last June with the intention of joining, as "external technical adviser", the legal team that was responsible for defending Lopez and Antonio Ledezma also opposition.

The arrival of the Spanish president divided Venezuelans, among those who received him as a prisoner support opponents and those who repudiated him for what he considered "interference" in Venezuelan politics and institutions.

On the other hand, the secretary general of the Spanish Socialists Pedro Sanchez said today that if elected prime minister after the general elections of December 20, "will not look the other way" in what is happening in Venezuela and defend freedom and democracy in this country.

Sanchez said he is confident that legislative elections scheduled to be held in Venezuela "in a context of freedom and democracy."

The socialist also said share "one hundred percent" position on Venezuela Felipe González and reaffirmed the "pride" that defends freedom in Venezuela supporting Leopoldo Lopez and other imprisoned dissidents.

Finally, the Venezuelan electoral authorities confirmed yesterday that the socialist president of the Spanish Government Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero also come to Venezuela next week to "accompany" the legislative elections of December 6, along with the president of Panama Martin Torrijos and Sen. Colombian Horacio Serpa.

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