News Daily Spot: Iran recalls taking US embassy to show their "independence"

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Iran recalls taking US embassy to show their "independence"

Iran today marks the anniversary of the seizure of the US embassy in Tehran in 1979, a day used by the authorities of the Islamic Republic to insist on the "independence" of the country and defend the basic principles of the Islamic Revolution in its fight against the "arrogance".

The chants of "Death to America" ​​and "Death to Israel" resonate again sharply against the US embassy, ​​now converted into a cultural center and museum in a ceremony designed to remember all the wrongs suffered at the hands of Iran the US and its Western allies, Efe reported.

All acts, speeches and ritual activities like burning US flags, Israel and the UK also served to demonstrate that despite the thaw between Iran and the international community in the heat of agreement on its nuclear program, much remains to approximate positions between the Islamic Republic and the West.

As repeated regularly both by the highest authorities and the anonymous protesters mantra, it was stressed that while Washington does not change its stance towards Iran, this country will remain one of its most bitter enemies.

In an environment of festive and protest, thousands of people came to the former embassy, ​​known as the "nest of spies" in Iran's official jargon, to chant slogans, burning flags and reaffirm the values ​​established by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini to top Islamic Revolution.

Among the protesters, along with some other group of veterans of the Revolution and the war with Iraq (1980-1988) and fervent religious Shiites, highlighted the presence of young women, many of school age, that under its rigorous body veils Whole added their voices to the chorus also demanded, among other things, to the Saudi monarchy for its support of terrorism Islamic State.

Before the march, Iranian President Hassan Rohani, a cleric moderate trend, said in comments reported by the local press that the seizure of the US embassy by revolutionary students constituted "one of the pillars of the independence of Iran" and "milestone" in the fight against the "arrogance" of Washington.

The Iranian leader Ali Khamenei, also spoke before the march to the role of Islamic students to defend the revolution and called on the youth of today "do not forget the sinister plans of the enemy" to Iran "and to cry in America as high as they can. "

Khamenei also said that the slogan "Death to America" ​​due not to harm the "American people" but to put an end to the policies of his government.

"We are demonstrating against US leaders against their deceptions and contradictory projects, because they have oppressed nation and because they try to humiliate her," confirmed Efe Seyed Aghai a veteran participant in the demonstration.

Amani Fateme a very young protester, also stressed the same idea that US leaders are responsible for the bad relationship between the two countries and it is for them that he is alive the slogan "Death to America".

"As long as you have that arrogant character and seek to keep us under its colonial power, the order to kill US will continue while we are alive and the fight will continue," he added.

The assault on the US embassy was carried out by a group of students who supported the Ayatollah Khomeini and to protest Washington's support to the enemies of the Revolution.

The attack resulted in the seizure of 54 US officials for 444 days and caused the rupture of diplomatic relations between the two countries that still endures.

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