News Daily Spot: United Kingdom introduced legislation to combat terrorism on the Internet

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United Kingdom introduced legislation to combat terrorism on the Internet

The British government on Wednesday presented a draft law to combat terrorism and organized in the digital world, where security forces may meet suspicious activity on the network crime.

Interior Minister Theresa May, announced in the House of Commons called Project Investigatory Powers Act, which will be scrutinized by both houses of parliament and Lores- -Comunes before it is voted in 2016, Efe reported.

If approved, the law will force Internet companies to store the network activity of its users for 12 months if the information required by the Government.

These data consist of retaining only the electronic addresses of the pages that refer to the user, but no browsing history to do on that page.

Interior Minister defended these powers in finding that the police and the secret services need because terrorist groups and criminal organizations have become social networks in "safe places" to hide and communicate.

But May made it clear that access to the security forces will be equivalent to a detailed phone bill.

"If a person has visited a page of social networking, Internet connection record only shows that you accessed that page, but not inside it," explained the minister.

At present, the security forces can listen to telephone conversations and intercept e-mails, if authorized by the authorities of the Ministry of Interior and whenever for reasons of national security.

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