News Daily Spot: The refugee crisis will not stop the short term, but "Europe has conditions to overcome"r

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The refugee crisis will not stop the short term, but "Europe has conditions to overcome"r

A report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) published today, states that the refugee crisis probably will not end soon, but Europe "has the ability and experience" required to overcome it. "

This was considered the OECD in a document accompanying its report "International Migration Outlook 2015", which state that "the current humanitarian crisis is unprecedented, with a frightening and unacceptable human cost."

According to the organization, the number of refugees has "recently parallel" when the date, one million asylum applications could be filed in 2015 in the countries of the European Union, with a protection for "350,000 to 450,000" people.

OECD indicates that this "a wide variety of routes, countries of origin and motivations" that make this "particularly difficult to treat" crisis, noting that, for example, the Syrians representing 21% of asylum applications are added last year, Kosovars 9.6% and 6.4% Eritreans.

With the conflict in Syria, Libya uncertainty, instability in Afghanistan and Iraq, etc., "the short term, there is little prospect that the situation will stabilize in the main countries of origin," says the OECD, noting further that "economic and demographic factors in the countries of sub-Saharan Africa will continue pushing to emigrate, and poverty and unemployment in the Western Balkans".
Long-term solutions

"The situation perhaps goes beyond simple short-term urgency to be a structural condition, with important perspective flows in future years, fueling a sense of anxiety about migration in many countries," he stresses.

The organization believes that we must go beyond short-term responses, limited to rescue and sharing among countries of the European Union, and "concentrate on emergency measures for refugees and accelerate the processing of applications for asylum. "

But "the key message is that Europe has the means and experience to respond to this crisis," he said the head of the immigration division of the OECD, Jean-Christophe Dumont, pointing as proof the "manageable" number of refugees with respect to the European population, and the legislative arsenal with which the EU has provided over the past decades.

In Documet it states that it is "urgent attack certain roots of the crisis and provide a coordinated and comprehensive policy response."

In this context, "public speech is crucial," because "the facts are there: the migration has no negative impact on the labor market, does not strengthen budget deficits, immigrants contribute more than they receive in individual benefits."

Especially as Syrian refugees "are more qualified than other immigrants," the report said.

"This threatens our identity, but obviously this is not a message that progress overnight. It must be explained and repeated, "insists Dumont.

"Not finding a solution is not an option, the political and economic costs would be too high," he stresses.

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