News Daily Spot: Bolivia held a campaign to remove salt shakers restaurants

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Bolivia held a campaign to remove salt shakers restaurants

Deputy Defense Minister of Consumer Rights Bolivia Tuesday proposed as the main action of his new work, remove the salt shaker from restaurants, to lower rates of hypertension that affects one in three people in the country.

When sworn in, Guillermo Mendoza, proposed that "we must remove the salt shaker from the table" as a cause of heart disease, and announced he would ask restaurants to inform diners the amount of sodium in their food.

"We are launching a first project in which we will encourage all restaurants have in the letter where much salt, sugar menu is, is used and how much cholesterol can cause him" the intake of these products, he said.

According to a report last private InterAmerican Heart Foundation, every Bolivian consume 7 grams of salt per day, over 5 grams maximum recommended by the Pan American Health Organization.

The Bolivian Society of Cardiology, the organization that groups the specialized doctors recently reported that hypertension, caused mainly by excessive salt intake, affects 1 in 3 Bolivians, of the 10 million inhabitants in the country.

In addition, of all people with the disease, 30% know they have, for lack of medical supervision, according to the organization.

Hypertension is an important step in the development of cardiovascular disease and potentially fatal accidents such as heart attacks and strokes factor.

The measure is assumed role similar findings in other countries such as Uruguay and Mexico, as part of public health policies.

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