News Daily Spot: Blackberry will launch a new computer with physical keyboard

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Blackberry will launch a new computer with physical keyboard

John Chenanunció, CEO of the BlackBerry company, announced that very soon will be known a new equipment with physical keyboard, that will leave aside the tactile and would be fabricated by themselves.

After being one of the companies that dominated the world of telephony with their Blackberry, now the company is adrift adieu, for the second time, of an audience that still misses the times of QWERTY keyboards.

With the launch of the DTEK 60 terminal was intended to be the last attempt of Blackberry in the market, but finally the company has reserved a last surprise for those users who have not turned their back on them: launching a new Blackberry like the Before, with a physical QWERTY keyboard and manufactured by themselves.

The last two devices launched by BlackBerry, the DTEK 50 and the DTEK 60, were manufactured by TCL, and this time will leave aside the collaboration of this firm to build its own terminal.

At the moment it is unknown when this new equipment or the rest of its characteristics could arrive.

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