News Daily Spot: Assange to appeal to Trump government to close investigation against him

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Assange to appeal to Trump government to close investigation against him

The legal team of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange revealed Wednesday that he will appeal to the government of US President-elect Donald Trump to close the criminal investigation in that country over the Australian.

The 45-year-old journalist was submitted to the Ecuadorian embassy in London on Monday and Tuesday, where he has been living in asylum since 2012, to an interrogation on an alleged rape case for which the Swedish Justice claims.

Assange's lawyer Jennifer Robinson said the activist has cooperated in the interrogation and is confident that the Swedish prosecution will now consider the case "impartially and objectively" in order to close it.

"It is important to remember that (Assange) has never been formally charged and that he was acquitted by the former prosecutor," said the lawyer.

Robinson added that the legal team defending the Australian's case "trusts and expects" that the Swedish prosecutor will reach "that same conclusion".

The lawyer recalled that in the US since 2010, with the administration of Barack Obama, a criminal investigation into Assange has been opened in relation to the thousands of diplomatic cables that he divulged through its WikiLeaks portal.

"During that time, we have repeatedly called for that investigation to be closed on the grounds that it violates the First Amendment" and limits freedom of expression and information, he explained.

Robinson said his team has already contacted the Obama administration "more recently a couple of months ago," and said they will continue to do so "with future US governments until the investigation is closed."

Ecuadorian prosecutor Wilson Toainga made statements this week to the activist, based on a list of questions posed by the Swedish Ministry of Justice.

Stockholm claims the extradition of the journalist for his alleged involvement in four sexual offenses, three of which were prescribed last August.

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