News Daily Spot: Apple updates its line of computers with new MacBook Pro (PHOTOS)

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Apple updates its line of computers with new MacBook Pro (PHOTOS)

Apple Inc on Thursday posted a MacBook Pro renewed with a fingerprint reader and a touchpad on the keyboard, which modernizes the product line on which the company was built after upgrading their mobile phones with the iPhone in July.


Users will be able to open the new computer system with Touch ID, the fingerprint reader that is also on the iPhone, and can customize the touch panel.

Apple said the new MacBook Pro will be available starting at $ 1,499.

The Mac line accounted for about 11 percent of Apple's sales in the recently completed fiscal year, down 10 percent the number of units sold to 18.5 million. Apple said it is in line with a general market decline, but analysts and investors have said the company needs to start growing again.

"What we really need it is to get people back to buy Mac again, instead of updating the old. have not had a MacBook Pro powerful new long and elMacBook Air is aging, "said Jan Dawson of Jackdaw Research.

Apple shares fell nearly 0.5 percent in the afternoon session in New York.

Bob O'Donnell, president of TECHnalysis Research LLC, said before the announcement that the Mac comes at a time when the market believes that attention on the iPhone means that Apple "has almost abandoned the Mac", which made him lose market share in personal computers.

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