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The Blog that Google deleted

Google offers for free a platform called Blogger that, as its name implies, allows the creation and management of blogs. The story that will relate in this article is about a blog that suddenly and without any apparent justification Google erased.


For over a decade Dennis Cooper, American writer 63, keeps a blog of literary trends that Google eliminated in June 2016 without notice. That meant that Cooper apparently lost 10 years of content developed with great effort and perseverance. According to Google that content still exists, but is not accessible nor Cooper or the public in general.

This action Google makes us reflect many who use this platform. For anyone who creates and publishes original content on the Internet, the idea of ​​losing all those years of work in one fell swoop is probably frightening. But the experience of Cooper shows that this can happen. What is striking is that in the case of Cooper, the loss was caused by Google: One of the owners of content more trusted Internet.

For Cooper, besides reminding us of the importance of having support from all the information we put into the platform open content like Blogger, it shows the need to carefully read the terms of use when you open an account or generate a profile on these virtual spaces. All put a considerable amount of information about ourselves on the Internet: blogs, personal email addresses, social networking, resumes, directories, among others.

What was the reason for Google eliminated Cooper's blog and your email? It is not an author who try in their books joy of the garden or the pleasures of the flesh from optimism or witty sense of humor. On the contrary, death, sex, violence and the most primitive and irrational instincts of the human being twisted appear in the pages of his books and his scripts.

Man adapted to new technologies, Cooper, 63, had since 2002 a blog that regularly feed his readers and weaved his literary work. In addition to the blog, email available, as all my neighbors.

On June 27 the writer could not access their blog or your email account. Cooper does not know if Google has hidden or deleted but now his life is a drama. His novel project called 'GIF', was saved in the blog, waiting to be published on paper in autumn. Contacts with Google to rescue the blog and the email address you have not been easy.

The probable reason for Google to take this decision because the content of the novels of Cooper plays complex issues about sex, violence and death. Google dubs it as pornographic content violates the conditions of use, and eliminates censorship. The questions multiply: Why Google waited 10 years to make this decision? Why did not you call the user previously or made him any warning?

On August 12 in their facebook page, Cooper announced it would hear soon. But at this time the case is in the hands of lawyers and the question that remains is who will win this dispute.

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