News Daily Spot: Edible battery will allow diagnose diseases from within

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Edible battery will allow diagnose diseases from within

Two decades ago, researchers thought it would be a good idea to have a camera for the sake of science. The idea would be to develop an digestible device that scour the digestive system to places where endoscopy could not get near. After that, it would be ejected in the normal way by the body. The problem? That such technology requires a battery, as quoted by El Confidencial.

Get batteries that are non-toxic and can be ingested is the goal of a researcher at the Carnegie Mellon University specializing in materials, Christopher Bettinger. Now, just presented at a conference of the American Chemical Society his new invention: as safe batteries are made of melanin, a pigment found in skin, hair and eyes.

"Edible electronic devices to diagnose and treat diseases is something that people have been waiting for decades, but if you want to bring in a technology so every day you think about the problems of toxicity," Bettinger explains. The key to solving this issue goes to replace the materials that could be purchased at any electronics store district for another derived from biological substances found in our body.

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