News Daily Spot: Apple and Intel join forces to end the headphone jack

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Apple and Intel join forces to end the headphone jack

They have been with us over a hundred years and, in a way, part of our life. Apple and Intel, each for their part, have been proposed retire classic analog audio jack connectors used for headphone cables.

Rumors that the future iPhone in July, dispense with the popular 3.5-mm jack connector and leave only the lightning to recharge and listen to audio, are becoming more insistent.

Intel for its part, aims to do the same on Android smartphones by revising the standard USB-Type C, which will take place soon.

There are already headset connector USB Type-C, but the American manufacturer wants to standardize. At the Intel Developer Forum has leaked a document that explains what Intel calls USB Type-C Digital Audio.

The goal of Intel and Apple is that new Android and iPhone smartphones include only USB Type-C and Lightning connectors, to recharge the battery and listen to music, and thereby reduce the internal circuitry of smartphones and improve audio quality.

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