News Daily Spot: Alloy Project, device to enjoy virtual reality

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Alloy Project, device to enjoy virtual reality

Intel introduced himself to the technological race of virtual reality with the idea of ​​offering users complete freedom, for it offered the project named Projec Alloy.

The project was presented under the Intel Developers Forum (IDF), and is a device that includes everything you need to enjoy the virtual reality cameras, sensors and controls.

Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel, said that Project Alloy provides six degrees of freedom, referring to the possibility that the user can move freely without limits and current viewers, including Oculus VR.

many technical details of this viewer are not known, and how is that achieved this independence of operation, not having to be connected to powerful PC.

This project will support the Holographic Windows operating system, plus they think their design release in mid-2017, so developers will have complete freedom to create their own designs, running on the Windows platform.

In addition, other benefits that can be operated without annoying cables hanging from your device to the computer because it has a head alloy (HMD) that allow the user to experience "unattached".

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