News Daily Spot: Scientists are a step closer to the flying car

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Scientists are a step closer to the flying car

How long have you giving us the beating with flying cars? Decades. When will they be available to the public? And if so, how the hell traffic order? Nobody has any idea.

Make no mistake, these hybrids are doubtful future millionaires meat with space and kill some boredom, but we like, and now that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) EE. UU. He has given the green light to the launch of one of them: The Transition, developed by the US company Terrafugia, determined to revolutionize transportation.

Your car-seater plane does not look futuristic design, but it works: ground driving a conventional manner, with steering wheel, accelerator and brake. When it comes to flying, their wings unfold and the device is controlled with pedals that act as rudders. A medium change as smooth: for some have called "The Transition". In addition, manufacturers offer their courses of 20 hours to learn to fly it, but valid only in EE. UU.

It fits in a garage, it has advanced avionics and security measures ground-air: airbags and parachutes. Its maximum speed is 160 km / h in flight (slightly less on the asphalt). If you want to know all your specifications, you have here.

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