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A phone application converts into an electronic wallet

MPANDCO is the first application or APP designed for the Venezuelan market. It can be downloaded from any smartphone at Play Store and offers a solution for those who need to collect and pay without having get cash, checkbooks, credit or debit cards, or have teams like outlets. Activated from the same cell phone and within minutes you can create an electronic account, mobilize and send or receive payments take effect instantly.

Carlos Marquez, spokesman for the company Witty Growth, developer of the MPANDCO application, expresses his enthusiasm for the response of the Venezuelan market stating that "Venezuela is a very open banking technology, social networks and innovation young country. In our case we are proud to help thousands of users who already use our MPANDCO Application ".

MPANDCO functions as a kind of private bank account, set up in the cell phone user, with safety standards that protect international and national economic transactions with the use of encrypted codes invulnerable.

The MPANDCO account can be recharged with transfers from bank accounts or credit cards, which facilitates the application process, and not to go to any place to recharge, however, the company is seeking alliance with shops different parts of the country so that they provide the service charging users and is this an option. Anyone can pay or charge services or products in real time and the beneficiary or recipient of the money, with only link your bank account to your MPANDCO account can withdraw money at any time and these are processed instantly.

The application is available in the Google Play space, own Android system and soon will open for users IPHONE APP Store in his shop. Excellent news for people who need to make financial transactions, purchases, payments or collections without going through the traumatic experience of fumbling for cash at ATMs or banks. In short, a technological revolution that allows in a few minutes, turn any smartphone into a POS or payment booth, quickly, comfortably and safely.

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