News Daily Spot: Canada legalized marijuana in 2016

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Canada legalized marijuana in 2016

The new Liberal government today established the tax cuts for the middle class, infrastructure investments, a new relationship with Aboriginal Canadians and legalizing marijuana as their priorities.


The government of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, also undertook to submit a bill to "legalize, regulate and restrict access to marijuana," one of the electoral promises of the Liberal Party, during the official opening of the new session parliamentary.

Following the British tradition, the government's priorities of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who won the general elections on October 19, were read today by the Governor General, David Johnston, who acts as head of state on behalf of Queen Elizabeth of England.

Faced with 338 deputies elected on October 19 and 105 senators, Johnston read the so-called "Throne Speech" in the upper house of the Canadian Parliament and in the government of Trudeau he said that "as an immediate priority, cut taxes for the class average".

"The government has also committed to provide more direct assistance to those who need it least giving those who do not," the speech.

Regarding the economy, the Trudeau government announced "significant investments in public transport and green and social infrastructure" to revive the stalled Canadian economy as well as improvements to the country's pension plan and unemployment insurance.

"They protect the environment and economic growth are not incompatible objectives; in fact, our future success requires us to do both, "said the government.

Trudeau added that "the government will restore the nation to nation relationship between Canada and Aboriginal peoples, a relationship founded on the recognition of their rights, respect, cooperation and partnership."

In this regard, the Canadian government will form a committee of inquiry on indigenous women, a serious social problem in the country because hundreds of indigenous women and girls have disappeared or been murdered in recent years.

The formation of the commission, which was rejected by the previous conservative government of Stephen Harper, had become a contentious issue with more than 1 million indigenous people living in Canada.

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