News Daily Spot: South Korea will deploy mini drones to spy on North Korea

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South Korea will deploy mini drones to spy on North Korea

South Korea will soon begin deploying drones reduced size for spying on North Korea near the border by sea and by land shared by both countries, reported Program Management Defense Acquisition (Dapa) Seoul 

The new South Korean spy drones, 1.4 meters long and 1.8 wide, reach a maximum flight speed of 80 kilometers per hour with a range of up to 60 minutes, according to a statement issued by the state procurement agency military.

The first batch of UAV, manufactured by local company under the name Ucon Remoeye-002B model has been given to the Dapa after three months of development.

The new drones are able to conduct surveillance and transmit images in real time at any time of day, according to the news agency acquisitions of Seoul.

They will meet the task of monitoring military activities of North Korea near the border of the 38th parallel, one of the hottest spots on the planet where numerous incidents of varying severity between the two countries in recent decades have occurred.

The agency allocated from this year to 2017 drones infantry units frontline of the armed forces of the country.

The Dapa expected that these devices provide valuable information to improve the combat capabilities of the infantry battalions.

South Korea is still technically at war with its neighbor since the conflict that pitted the two countries between 1950 and 1953 ended with a ceasefire and not a peace treaty.

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