News Daily Spot: European Commission proposes additional thousand 700 million euros to help refugees

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European Commission proposes additional thousand 700 million euros to help refugees

The European Commission today proposed to provide an additional 1,700 million euros to respond to the refugee crisis, he said today at a press conference Vice President and Head of Budget, Kristalina Georgieva.

That sum will be used to improve reception capacities of refugees and help these people need outside the European Union (EU), said the Commissioner.

The European Commission (EC) today outlined a package of operational, budgetary and legal immigration to respond to the refugee crisis character.

Looking ahead to the next six months, Brussels underlined the urgency to support EU countries in managing the massive flows of refugees in their territories, and it called for the full implementation of migration management teams working in landing areas of the immigrants.

He also mentioned the activation of the European Civil Protection Mechanism or rapid intervention teams at the borders and stressed the need to "normalize" the situation in the Schengen area, with the lifting of internal borders in Member States applying the measure, the EC recalls that it is only "short term".

Brussels also stressed the need to promote a diplomatic offensive and intensify cooperation with third countries.

The EC particularly stressed the urgency of increasing the budget for managing the refugee crisis, with increasing emergency financing to countries affected.

In that context, he recalled that the emergency funds available in the EU budget for this year, amounting to 73 million euros have already been exhausted and announced that next week will propose adding EUR 100 million for 2015.

It also proposed to increase funding this year for the three major European agencies in this area: in particular provided additional 1.3 million to Frontex, 30 million for the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) and 30 to Europol .

He also explained that the emergency funds for the most affected countries and those three agencies will be increased by 600 million euros by 2016.

Another measure proposed today the EC was to increase support to Syrian refugees, for which Brussels will propose next week to strengthen the "European Neighbourhood" with 300 million euros.

The head of European diplomacy, Federica Mogherini ruled however, the need to organize a European conference on Syria, as requested by politicians as the leader of the Liberals in the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt, and explained that in this case corresponds to lead the United Nations efforts.

Work with neighboring countries is another priority for Brussels, and so today proposed to mobilize 1,000 million euros in aid to Turkey, home to a huge number of refugees on its territory, and 17 million for Serbia and the former Republic of Macedonia.

The Vice-President of the European Commission (EC), Frans Timmermans, said at a press conference that the financial means at the disposal of the EU executive are limited and urged EU countries to "show their commitment" in this area.

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