News Daily Spot: Grieving daughter ‘bruised by hospital security for demanding answers to mother's death'

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Grieving daughter ‘bruised by hospital security for demanding answers to mother's death'

A MOURNING daughter was “left black and blue” after being "man-handled" by hospital security for asking about her mother's sudden death, she claimed today.

Julie Hurst, 53, visited Wigan Infirmary following frustration over the lack of answers she received from doctors.

Her late mother Betty Lythgoe died in March after being taken from her care home into hospital with flu.

Julie's desperate search for answers began when she complained to Patient Relations about how her mum was cared for.

She alleged that the 85-year-old was "not given the right level of treatment".

Julie has become increasingly frustrated after being denied answers about the circumstances surrounding MrsLythgoe’s death.

She said: “The Trust would not give me a meeting, which was why I went to the ward to get answers.”

When Julie turned up to Winstanley Ward, one attendant told her to go to Patient Advice and Liaison Services (PALS) instead.
She said: "PALS were unable to help me and I wanted answers. So the ward sister called security.
"They came straight away and I refused to leave. I was not swearing or being aggressive - I just stood my ground.

"I can't believe how I was treated. I had two big bruises on my arm.

"I informed the police but nothing has happened. There were no cameras, so it is my word against theirs."

Greater Manchester Police have knocked down the complaint, saying "security staff exercised common law powers to deal with a woman who was causing a disturbance."

Julie has since been banned from Wigan Council's social services' offices.

Liv Bickerstaff, of the Wigan Council, said: “We appreciate this has been a very distressing time for Mrs Hurst.

“We do not take the decision lightly to limit the channels through which a customer can contact us but when continued unreasonable actions are tying up staff time and resources and depriving other customers of the council’s time and services we will take action.”

Julie has now sought the help of Makerfield MP Yvonne Fovargue, as well as former MP Sir Ian McCartney through WiganHealthwatch, who are looking into her concerns.

By Olie Smith

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