News Daily Spot: REALLY IS NOT A JOKE!! Opened a museum in Uruguay for the "good use" of marijuana

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REALLY IS NOT A JOKE!! Opened a museum in Uruguay for the "good use" of marijuana

With the aim of "generating and disseminating information for the good use of cannabis", the Cannabis Museum of Montevideo (MCM) opened its doors on Thursday, which explains the different purposes that have been given to this plant.

The MCM, located in a central area of ​​Montevideo, is destined to spread all the uses that this plant has had throughout history, from the recreational to the making of clothes and, of course, its use in medicine, Explained the director and promoter of the initiative, Eduardo Blasina.

"Cannabis has such varied benefits that it is astonishing how it has been accompanying human evolution. He has given her food, gave her clothes, gave her nets to fish, she has given her paper ... and today she continues to give the latest generation of medicines, "Blasina told AFP before two small marijuana plants placed on shelves in the museum.

One of the curiosities of the place's collection is a medical prescription issued in California in 1915, prescribing cannabis to a patient.

On one wall it can be read that the first hemp plantation in Montevideo took place before Uruguay existed as a country, at the time of the colony, in 1782.

On the regulation of marijuana in Uruguay, Blasina reflected that the country became "a place that looks with great interest to see if the experience goes well."

"If in Uruguay legalization leads to more economic growth, there is less violence ... we will be showing the world that freedom in this case was useful," he said.

In the museum you can see old articles to smoke the grass, an extensive bibliography linked to the crop of the plant and commercial objects, since the site will function as a sort of cultural center to receive local and foreign public.

With information from AFP.

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