News Daily Spot: CHAPECOENSE PILOT IS A KILLER, Bolivian officials say LaMia pilot committed "murder"

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CHAPECOENSE PILOT IS A KILLER, Bolivian officials say LaMia pilot committed "murder"

Bolivian Defense Minister Reymi Ferreira accused the pilot of the LaMia plane, which crashed in Medellín with 77 people on board, for having flown his ship with little fuel, in a case that began to take political dimensions .

"In short, there has not been an accident, there has been a homicide, what has happened in Medellín is a murder," Ferreira told reporters in Cochabamba, central Colombia.

When asked if the pilot (Miguel Quiroga) was responsible, Ferreira replied: "Obviously, if the pilot had only complied with the norm, which is to land in Cobija or Bogota, or at least before he crashed Has announced an emergency from the outset, there may not have been this tragedy. "

According to an official report of a Bolivian airport official, Quiroga would have decided to skip the stops at refueling points. A technician who survived the tragedy also testified that the pilot did not report an emergency on the flight.

"Someone dares to carry passengers (...) with the exact gasoline, violates a fundamental protocol, basic of the civil aviation, that must have at least an hour and a half of autonomy of flight from where it leaves to where it will arrive" , Said Ferreira.

Faced with this kind of criticism, Quiroga's widow, Daniela Pinto, publicly called Wednesday "for people to understand that my husband is no monster."

After the accident some opposition sectors accused President Evo Morales of negligence for allegedly asserting the irregular functioning of the firm: "To pretend to politicize this issue, to try to blame the president is a giant misconception," reacted Government Minister Carlos Romero .

However, Vice President Álvaro García told the television on Friday that it is "very important to take into account" that the pilot Quiroga is the son-in-law of ex-Roger Pinto, a bitter opponent of Morales, and that he has been a refugee in Brazil since August 2013.

According to official reports, Quiroga is a partner of the company LaMia. "According to statements made by relatives, Senator Roger Pinto and the son-in-law (Miguel Quiroga, pilot who died in the accident) were the representative and pilot," Garcia told television.

According to García, Pinto "will be part of the investigation".

Prosecutors from Bolivia, Brazil and Colombia, coordinate investigations into the causes of the accident and, for the moment, the company's manager Lamia, Gustavo Vargas Gamboa, and his son Gustavo Vargas Villegas, Licenses of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC).

In addition, the police issued an international arrest warrant against Celia Castedo, an airport official who was first tried for the case, who sought refuge in Brazil. Another partner of the company, Marco Antonio Rocha, remains in Asunción, Paraguay, from a week before the accident.

In the incident, 71 of the 77 people who were on board were killed, including players and directors of the Chapecoense club in Brazil, as well as journalists. There were also six survivors.

Vargas admitted a few days ago that the ship, a BA-146 model RJ85 that took off from Santa Cruz, should have been refueled fuel in the Bolivian town of Cobija, in the extreme north of the country, to continue its route towards the Colombian city of Medellín . The ship continued long and was not refueled in Bogota, according to preliminary reports.

One of the main hypotheses is that the plane was thrown to the ground because it ran out of fuel shortly before arriving at Rionegro airport, which serves Medellín (northwest).

With information from AFP.

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