News Daily Spot: Burning in hell is a must !! , Violator and murderer of 7-year-old girl in Colombia will be sent to jail

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Burning in hell is a must !! , Violator and murderer of 7-year-old girl in Colombia will be sent to jail

The alleged perpetrator of the crime of a 7-year-old girl who was raped and strangled to death will be transferred Wednesday to Modelo jail in Bogota.

After a hearing of more than seven hours and in which Rafael Uribe Noguera pleaded not guilty, the judge in charge of the case decided to send him under a measure of assurance to the prison.

Uribe Noguera arrived at the courts in Paloquemado under a strict security scheme on Tuesday night, because as well as leaving the medical center, there was a group of people on the outskirts who shouted and tried to approach.

Uribe Noguera, a 38-year-old architect, was notified of the arrest and four offenses he will face in the pending criminal proceedings while receiving medical treatment. The alleged murderer faces charges of aggravated femicide, violent carnal access, torture and simple abduction. If found guilty, he would face up to 60 years in prison.

"The Prosecutor's Office presented the evidence that warns of Noguera's responsibility in these events. The intention is to obstruct the investigations, and this office has no more to order the imprisonment in the Modelo jail until the development of the Trial, "the judge said.

The victim, Yuliana Andrea Samboní, was an indigenous girl. According to the necropsy performed by the Institute of Legal Medicine, the minor died of asphyxiation and in her body were "abundant evidence that she was subjected to sexual abuse." Yuliana had been kidnapped Sunday in a marginal area of ​​the Colombian capital and was found in Uribe Noguera's apartment.

The Attorney General of the Nation, Néstor Humberto Martínez, said in a statement that "the crime scene was manipulated." He also argued that prosecutors of the case have the instruction to prosecute "third parties who are trying to obstruct" the action of justice.

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