News Daily Spot: Pokémon creators consider "honor" anime adaptation of the books

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Pokémon creators consider "honor" anime adaptation of the books

The creators Pokémon manga, Hidenori Kusaka and Satoshi Yamamoto, consider a "honor" someone decided to make an anime adaptation of his books, but stated that there is no ongoing project in this line.

Kusaka and Yamamoto, participating in the Barcelona Manga, Saturday gave a press conference in the hall Norma Comics -GLUPS !.

"As the author of manga I'd love to see my characters in motion on the screen. I do not know if one day be possible," Kusaka said the writer, who in 1997 and participated in the launch of the first chapter of the manga Pokémon Special.

So far there is no on the manga anime Pokémon, although itself an animated series of 18 seasons inspired by the video game of the same name.

Both creative showed their devotion to the Pokémon universe, whose success attributed to being a product well done and with a transverse public, which knows no age or gender.

"They are adorable monsters that fit in the pocket of a child. You can not put Godzilla in his pocket, but a Pokémon yes, and this is appealing," said Kusaka.

On the video game adaptation manga, the artist Yamamoto, who joined Pokémon in 2001, said having a wide creative range.

His biggest challenge, he explained, is to incorporate nuances of their own so that the sleeve is not boring without forgetting the essence of the game not to disappoint fans of the saga.

Pokémon celebrates its 20th anniversary with more than 275 million games sold worldwide, 21.5 million cards distributed in 74 countries and an animated series of 18 seasons.

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