News Daily Spot: Microsoft will pay $ 650 to change its MacBook Pro Surface Book

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Microsoft will pay $ 650 to change its MacBook Pro Surface Book

In love and war (and business) everything is permitted. Even paying customers to change their brand of computer.

Google and Apple smartphones and tablets with Microsoft and its Surface tablets have decided to give new life to your PC, presented not only new models, but also interesting innovations.

Low price laptops have resurfaced thanks to Google Chromebooks.

Microsoft last week introduced its desktop computer for creative professionals and designed to compete with the iMac, Surface Studio, a new type of controller called Surface Circular Dial week. It also updated its range Surface Book, dramatically improving performance.

Apple responded with the introduction of new MacBook Pro, which also premiered an important novelty: the new OLED touch panel on the top of the keyboard, called Touch Bar.

With its new computers designed to compete on equal terms in the same segment as Apple, Microsoft is willing to reconquer the market of professional computers. It is a total war in which even pay money to users to change their MacBook with a new Surface computer.

In response, Microsoft launched an exchange program that pays up to $ 650 for an old MackBook, if the owner buys a new Surface Book.

Simply enter the indicated web, and check how much they pay for an old MacBook, depending on the year and model. Even they accept damaged computers.

If you accept the price just send Microsoft the old MacBook, and receive a code to apply the discount on the purchase of a Surface or Surface Pro 4 Book.

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