News Daily Spot: Updated an external function unlocks iPhone 7 Plus

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Updated an external function unlocks iPhone 7 Plus

When Apple introduced its latest generation of phones announced that the iPhone 7 Plus would have a unique feature, which lets you apply a new effect in photographs.

This is the portrait mode that, one month after the launch of the phone, finally was enabled through the release of version 10.1 of IOS, the first major update of the operating system.

The portrait mode is currently in beta but already capture images of subjects by blurring the background, as if it were a reflex camera. The function is exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus, because it uses two lenses having your camera.

10.1 iOS also brings improvements for my Maps, Messages and Mail, and fixes some connection problems with the Apple Watch and other Bluetooth devices.

Apple also announced that the special variant of the Apple Watch Series 2, designed with Nike, will go on sale this October 28th.

The model includes a special design, new images for the screen that displays the time and better integration with the popular Nike + Run Club, for monitoring physical activity sessions application. The new device will be initially launched in 41 markets this week.

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