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Macbook Pro computers with touch features come for Christmas

"The Mac drive the world," said Tim Cook openly, Apple's CEO, in a theater of its own headquarters. The computers, which were expected to spring arrive in time for the Christmas season, as published in a report on the website of newspaper El Pais of Spain.

The new Macbook Pro, presented 25 years after its first model, is an aluminum block, in dark metallic gray, with a great innovation: a touch bar. The laptops come four years after the last batch, on screens 13 and 15 inches but with a weight that is two kilograms, a great balance given its power.

The touch functions in the 'Touch Bar' supplement to the very old keyboard function keys. "Fits the software you use," said Phil Schiller, head of the project.

"For example, in the Internet browser Safari will to go forward and back, to copy and paste into the text editor, or to change the contrast of a photo while editing. A flexibility that will be appreciated by those who use the Mac as their primary computer at work. "
Craig Federighi, the legendary director of software with an iconic bangs, explained how the fingerprint sensor can be used to shop online as easily as in their phones and tablets. The magical moment of the presentation was when he took the stage another partner, played with his fingers and, in an instant, changed the computer session. The Macbook Pro knew he had before him another profile on the same computer screen and put in their applications.

Technical details

Entering technical details, it features an Intel quad-core processor, Radeon graphics processor and up to two Teras storage in the case of 15-inch model. The 13-inch will have a dual core processor.

The new model also accomplished the death of the traditional USB has been changed four USB ports C. All serve to charge the battery but also add external hard drives, projecting an additional monitor or connect another keyboard.

A Apple is interested in the niches that have so far used the Macbooks with more enthusiasm remain true to this line of computers. Designers, creative, layout artists, photographers and infógrafos are your best ambassadors. The DJ also. No electronic music session without an apple in the cabin and the company did not hesitate to board one of these musicians on stage to demonstrate the benefits of the new bar.

For the less playful side, it was confirmed that Office (Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint) will also be compatible with the touchbar.

The Macbook Air died, but now an intermediate model is offered. Thinner than the Air, but inspired by the Pro. It is a kilo and a half, but do without the touch panel. He drives the power, add high-definition screen but without the large touch innovation older siblings. This model goes on sale now. Tactile Pro will do so in the coming weeks.

Prices range from $ 1499 non-touch model. The 13-inch 1799 and 2399 the 15.

Apple TV

Apple thinks different screens, beyond the mobile. Television was the first. Apple TV is also seen as a gateway to video games. "We want Apple TV is the gateway to all television," proclaimed Tim Cook in theater based in Cupertino. Through the 'TV' application, you can access a shop for movies, see chapters grill and continue at the same point where they were left. The feeling was quickly in the passage between content. TV will also be available on iPad and iPhone. The download of the app will begin in December and content more actively begin in January.

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