News Daily Spot: Kim Jong-un led North Korean missile launch

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Kim Jong-un led North Korean missile launch

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, personally led the test medium-range missiles carried out on Monday and has generated a strong conviction in the international community.

Kim visited the base of Hwangju, west of the country, to "observe in detail the exercise plan and technical specifications of the improved ballistic missiles" and later ordered the start of the operation in which three Rodong missiles were launched, according the state agency KCNA.

The triple release, in which the missile flew 1,000 kilometers to fall into Sea of ​​Japan (East Sea), aimed to "re-evaluate flight safety and precision-guided" the Rodong and "test capabilities "of several military units, according to the agency.

The young dictator "expressed great satisfaction with the successful test firing of ballistic missiles and congratulated the troops" who participated in the operation.

Also, Kim reaffirmed its commitment to the development of nuclear weapons by mentioning the "need to continue with the miraculous progress in strengthening the nuclear power" as a deterrent to their enemies.

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