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Days kissing lesbians against discrimination

Dozens of people gathered outside a traditional coffee Buenos Aires to protest a "big kiss" for the alleged discrimination suffered there a lesbian couple days ago.

Despite the cold and rain, activists LGBT (acronym designating lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) they gathered in front of La Biela, a tearoom located in the central neighborhood of Recoleta, in Argentina's capital.

The goal, repudiating the alleged kissing episode in which discrimination was involved Bethlehem Arena, a 25-year-old with another girl at the dining room.

The protest, activists also took music, umbrellas and flags with the colors of the collective and posters in defense of sexual diversity.

"Let love prevail" shouted some, while a lesbian group sang "we are guerrillas of sexual subversion".

Arena said that coffee was expelled by a waiter who supposedly considered "inappropriate" that young fondle his partner.

"He said he could not be so, it was inappropriate for the place because people felt uncomfortable," said the girl, who after the episode made the complaint to the police.

"Nobody local is communicated with me and, in fact, did nothing to invent a version after another," he added.

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