News Daily Spot: WhatsApp and allows you to send GIFs ... See how

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WhatsApp and allows you to send GIFs ... See how

The new version of WhatsApp 2.16.242 makes it possible to record a video and share it before, it can be converted into GIF. Aggregation not yet filled all expectations because many videos can be sent directly from the galleries.
If the user wishes to send its own GIF, you must follow these steps:

1. The first is to download the beta version 2.16.242 on the device. Then open the application and enter a chat contact.
2. Once in the chat, you must click on the icon that lets you share photos, videos, audios, location and contacts.

3. Then select the camera and choose video.

4. As recorded the clip, you must press the ok option and this will show the screen where you can edit the video.

5. At the top of an icon of a video camera appears and when you click on this, the clip can be shared in GIF format.

The maximum duration of short is 6 seconds; In addition, this will be exported in MP4.

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