News Daily Spot: Timoshenko declares permanent ceasefire in Colombia

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Timoshenko declares permanent ceasefire in Colombia

The top leader of the FARC, Rodrigo LondoƱo, alias "Timoshenko" said Sunday the definitive ceasefire, effective from midnight, and said the "clear and definite vocation for reconciliation" of the guerrillas after agreement peace with the Colombian government achieved this week.

"Timoshenko" announced the end of the military offensive activity of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in a statement to the media at the Hotel Nacional in Havana, a city that has hosted the peace negotiations with the Colombian government for nearly four years

"In my capacity as commander of the Central Staff of the FARC-EP ordered all our controls, all of our units, each and every one of our and our fighters to cease fire and hostilities definitively against the Colombian state from 24:00 hours tonight, "he reads the top leader of the guerrilla.

He said the guerrilla, "in ceasefire and hostilities over a year ago," received with emotion the order of President Juan Manuel Santos, who last August 25 ordered the Colombian security forces the definitive ceasefire with the FARC, which comes into force at midnight on Monday.

"We never lost hope of reaching that so fortunate for our country and its people day," said "Timoshenko", who on behalf of the FARC said the "clear and definite vocation for reconciliation" to "soldiers, sailors, pilots airforce, police and security and intelligence agencies of the state ".

He added: "The rivalries and grudges should stay in the past Today, more than ever, we regret so much death and pain caused by war Today, more than ever, we want to embrace them as compatriots and begin to work together for the new Colombia.." .

While reading the statement, after which he admitted no questions, "Timoshenko" was flanked by members of the negotiating delegation of the insurgency that has participated in the talks in Havana.

After nearly four years of talks, the negotiating teams of the Government of Colombia and the FARC announced on August 24 from the Cuban capital had reached a definitive peace agreement.

The FARC, said "Timoshenko" comply "strictly" the agreed commitments, including its conversion into a legal political movement, the return to civilian life and grant justice and reparation for victims.

"The agreement I made way to the real possibility that henceforth, in Colombia are the children who attend the funeral of his parents died at the hands of old age. Nevermore parents burying their children and war dead daughters," he said Sunday the FARC leader.

While waiting for the formal signature of the final agreement, Colombians have the last word on peace, since the document agreed -of almost 300 pages long will be submitted to popular approval in a squad for the October 2 referendum.

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