News Daily Spot: Rajoy firm with liberal insufficient agreement for investiture

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Rajoy firm with liberal insufficient agreement for investiture

The leader of the Spanish center-right prime minister in office, Mariano Rajoy, reached Sunday an agreement with the Citizens Party (liberal) which is, however, insufficient for re-election at the head of the Executive in the investiture session that will begin on Tuesday in Congress.

The 137 seats that the PP won in the elections on June 26 will join the 32 Citizens and a Canarian nationalist deputy to reach 170, six of the absolute majority needed for the vote to be held on 31 August.

Two days later, on September 2, there will be a second vote on the candidacy of Rajoy.

The Socialists (85 seats), the leftist coalition Unidos Podemos (71) and small nationalist parties that carry ensuring complete Congress rejected Rajoy weeks, which constitutes a ratio of 170 in favor and 180 against.

Defeating Rajoy keep him as chief executive in office, with limited powers, but will open a new stage of uncertainty in Spanish politics, in which the parties themselves do not rule out the hypothesis return to the polls in December, the third time in a year.

The elections of December 20, 2015, with an equally fragmented Congress, already showed the difficulty of the Spanish parties to reach agreements.

In his appearances before the press, both Rajoy as leader of Citizens, Albert Rivera, called on the PSOE to abandon its attitude and, by abstaining, make possible the election of a new government.

What today they signed PP and Citizens involves, among other things, create working groups to a possible reform of the Constitution and to modify the current education law, as well as recover money from a tax amnesty for thousands of taxpayers approved by the Executive of Rajoy with which finance various social spending items.

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