News Daily Spot: NASA regain contact with a space probe after almost two years lost

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NASA regain contact with a space probe after almost two years lost

Scientists at the US Space Agency (NASA) got Sunday night contact solar research probe that had lost almost two years, the institution said.


The Stereo-B probe, designed to work in conjunction with other similar making observations of the Sun, stopped communicating with Earth on October 1, 2014, and for 22 months in charge of the mission team has been trying to reestablish contact.

Contact was established by the observatory Deep Space Network, which monitors communications space missions.

According to NASA, the priority now is now "extend the recovery process to assess the health of the observatory, restore control and evaluate all subsystems and instruments".

Communication with the spacecraft was lost after restart the spacecraft systems to prepare one of the most delicate phases of the mission, when the probe was hidden by the sun.

The restart of the systems did not occur properly and the probe was hidden by the sun and then not heard anything more about it.

Scientists had the added difficulty of locating the probe without knowing which part of its orbit was exactly, while some researchers considered that a failure in one of the systems that detect the speed led to the probe to rotate out of control.

The two probes were designed Stereo for a two-year mission that would take them to observe solar activity from opposite faces can not be seen from Earth

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