News Daily Spot: Michel Temer: Rio Olympics games were absolute success

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Michel Temer: Rio Olympics games were absolute success

The interim president of Brazil, Michel Temer, considered Tuesday that Rio Games were an "absolute success" and called for replicating the Olympic values ​​to overcome the crisis facing the country.


After shaking off the hangover of sports mega-event, Brazil now faces the harsh reality: many bills to pay in the midst of a severe recession and the outcome of the impeachment of the president Dilma Rousseff.

"Brazil made an extraordinary event and that work is all the Brazilian people," Temer wrote in a message posted on the website of the Presidency.

The president, who replaced Rousseff in May when she was suspended to stand trial, promised in his statement to concentrate efforts to "reconquer" the international reputation of Brazil.

"We will work to overcome all challenges and limits in recent years. We have one certainty: we shall overcome "Temer, who was jeered by participating in the opening ceremony of the Games at Maracana stadium and decided not to attend the closing on Sunday she said.

The president went over sports victories in Brazil, with 19 medals had his best performance in the history of the Games, celebrated the success of the security operation, and the operation of public transport and the Olympic facilities.

Temer praised separately to the football team, who won Olympic gold for the first time, with "a team that overcame, discrediting happened to Olympus opening a path that Brazil should also be followed in other fields."

Most Brazilians have been proud of the image that the country showed the world, but also believes that the Olympics did more harm than good, according to a survey released Sunday Ibope institute.

This country with huge social inequalities suffering from record unemployment, inflation double the official target and the worst recession in almost a century.

On Thursday, the Senate began discussions to see if Rousseff dismisses definitely for having irregularly managed public accounts, outcome that would end the cycle of 13 years left in power.

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